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Bhoganandishwara Temple in Chikkaballapur , Near #Nandihills , #Karnatak

Bhoganandishwara Temple in Chikkaballapur , Near Nandihills ~ Best place near near nandihills to hangout in weekends

A temple complex as old as 1,200 years is crying for the attention of tourists and heritage lovers. Built and developed by more than five dynasties, the twin temple complexes of Bhoganandishwara Temple in Chikkaballapur District still have not made their mark on Karnataka’s tourism map, even though they are only an hour’s drive from Bengaluru.
The temple complex, situated in the foot-hills of the picturesque Nandi Durga (Nandi Hills), was first constructed in 8th century AD by the Nolamba kings, before it was invaded by Raja Raja Chola of Tanjavur.
The inscriptions of the Nolamba ruler Nolambadiraja and other dynasties can still be seen in his temple complex. During the 14th century, the temple complex was developed by the Vijaynagar Kings and later improved by Kempe Gowda, who built the Bengaluru Fort.
Even during the reign of Tipu Sultan, the temple complex received a lot of attention and the British government later tried to popularise the temple as a tourist destination for visiting officers and guests. The Mysore Kings contributed to the temple by building a large Kalyani (step well) around Benga­luru, which still provides providing water.
“The window art and relief work at Bhoganandishwara temples are some of the most unique in South India. This temple doesn’t just have great potential to attract tourists and art lovers, it is also a wonderful place to study medieval heritage construction in South India” says S K Aruni, Deputy Director, Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR).
“Twin temple structures were the fashion during the ninth and tenth centuries. The Someshwara temple in Begur on the city outskirts, which was built during the same period, also has twin structures,” explained Aruni.
Historians say the government should document the dynasties who have worked on the temple. There is also a statue of a devotee in the main temple, which locals believe is Raja Raja Chola.
“The historical records state that during tenth century, Raja Raja Chola invaded this temple and helped himself to the sculptures in the temple. However, he felt guilty and took the sculptures back, after which he built a statue of himself in the temple complex,” said a historian.

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